January 31, 2017

Our goal at Amped is focused in three areas which are found throughout the teachings of Jesus. We are to love God, love others, and be a servant. We feel that this can only be accomplished by directly following those teachings and keeping ministry personal.

Amped Five Core Goals

  1. Build strong relationships between the students within the youth group.
  2. Build strong relationships between students and the youth pastor within the youth group.
  3. Develop student leadership, disciple and equip student leaders with the youth group.
  4. Equip and encourage growth into Godly men and women through genes-specific discipleship.
  5. Encourage personal responsibility in discovering and accepting individual callings and purposes for the Kingdom.

AMPED is a powerful ministry where you can connect your students to;

  • Events
  • Mission Trips
  • Media
  • Youth Pastor Training
  • AMPED Blog
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