Gods Plan for Sharing


October 12, 2016

God’s Plan for Sharing (GPS) is a topic-based study that has been designed and developed to be used with any existing adult ministry.

An overview of the four lessons are below:

Praying for the Harvest
Participants in your class or small group may take prayer for granted, thinking it is a perfunctory ritual done at mealtime or prior to taking an offering at a worship service. Not true. Prayer is vital to walking daily with Jesus and an act he modeled during his time on earth. Prayer also fuels our attempts to share the good news with those who don’t believe in Christ. That takes the pressure off us and places it where it belongs—on the holy spirit.

Putting Feet to Your Prayers
Though the action of prayerwalking doesn’t appear in the Bible, it is a biblically-oriented activity. It lines up with Paul’s directive to Timothy: “First of all, then, I urge that petitions, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for everyone.” (1 Timothy 2:1) (emphasis added).  Intercessory prayer is prayer focused on the needs and concerns of others. There is power in this kind of prayer. Longtime Southern Baptist prayer leader T.W. Hunt says that of biblical prayers that we know have been answered, 78 percent involve intercession.

Engaging the World
In Matthew 28:18–20, Jesus told his disciples to go into the world, making disciples and teaching them to observe all that he commanded. Known as The Great Commission, that call is under increasing threat today. People who are open about their faith in Christ and proclaim that he is the only way to eternal life are being attacked as narrow-minded, insensitive bigots or fundamentalists.

Leading Others to the Savior
When it comes to the gospel, the familiar term closing the sale may have bad connotations. Yet that is what Christians should do in evangelizing. We shouldn’t just deliver the truth and walk away. We should complete the presentation.