Sharing Christ


October 12, 2016

Sharing Christ is a topic-based study on how to share Christ with family, friends, enemies, and community that can be used with any existing ministry to adults.

An overview of the four lessons are below:

Good News For Family
Sharing your faith with a family member can pose a tough challenge. When sharing with someone from your household, a parent, or relative, you can feel inhibited since they know your weaknesses. Or your personal life may offer poor evidence of the changes you are encouraging others to make. You may also fear that someone accepting Christ will upset family dynamics and anger others.

Good News for Friends
In the Old testament, David and Jonathan were best friends, ready and willing to lay down their lives for each other. This in spite of the fact that Jonathan’s father, King Saul, hated David and wanted to do away with him.

This biblical model of friendship may bring to mind thoughts of similar, warm relationships among participants in your class or small group. As you introduce this week’s topic, ask for a couple of volunteers to share a brief story about a best friend and why they have such a close bond. Then follow up with these questions to everyone: Do you have this kind of best friend? Does your friend know Christ?

Good News for Enemies
Do you envision yourself as having no enemies? If you are a Christian, there is someone who dislikes you for that fact only. there are plenty of people who don’t care for Christians. There are atheists, members of other faiths, and former church members who have been hurt in church and are now hostile to anyone connected to “religion.”

Today we look at the challenge of sharing Christ with those who are opposed to the gospel or who don’t like you personally. This can seem an even tougher challenge than witnessing to family and friends—tough but not impossible.

Good News for Community
Today we look at sharing Christ in our community—the Jerusalem Christ referred to in acts 1:8. remind participants they can do this with confidence because, in this same verse, Jesus promised the holy Spirit would give us power to witness.

In acts 1:8, Jesus said his disciples would receive power when the holy Spirit had come upon them and that they would be witnesses in Jerusalem and other regions, all the way to the ends of the earth.

What is our responsibility to the people in our community? The same that Jesus outlined in the parable of the good Samaritan in Luke 10:29–37. Although many have interpreted this story to mean we should help someone in trouble, the application is much wider.