For Congregations Seeking to Call a Minister

Consultation is offered to pastor search/pulpit and personnel committees as they seek pastors or other church staff members.

We recommend helpful resources and other materials upon request. You can request materials now.

Need assistance? Complete a Church Search Committee profile now! Resumes of prospective candidates will be sent to the committee, and additional resumes can be sent on request. Your file will remain active for six months. If we do not hear from you, it will be deactivated at that time. We will be glad to keep it on active status if you inform us this is what you want.

For Ministers Seeking a New Place of Service

Assistance is available for ministers in helping them find the place God wants for them in ministry. Ministers simply start a file using our Online Resume Service. From there, our office will send your resume – without evaluation or recommendation – to churches upon request. Your file will remain active for up to six months, and may be reactivated after that time. A phone call, note or e-mail will reactivate your file. You may also deactivate your file at any time.