Posted on : Monday June 14, 2010

By Sharon Mager, BCM/D Correspondent

SALISBURY, Md.—Salisbury University Baptist Student Minister (BSM) K’Lynne McKinley led students on their annual spring mission trip in March, but she kept the destination a surprise. It turned out to be their own town of Salisbury.

(Front from L to R) Sherita Roundtree, Colleen Reeping, K’Lynne McKinley, Sarah Rushing (back l to r) Lena Slonaker and Sarah Tyzack worked at a local food bank and helped seniors during their annual spring mission trip. This year that trip was right in their college town of Salisbury.

Students stayed at McKinley’s home for the weekend so they’d have the experience of being together for the “trip” and they did local missions work.

“The theme was Kairos (the Greek word for qualitative time—making the most of opportunities). Needless to say, the weekend was filled with opportunities,” McKinley said.

The students worked for the Maryland Food Bank, cleaned senior adult homes and had a Saturday night activity time for children formerly involved with Salisbury Urban Ministries. McKinley explained that the kids’ nights were cancelled in the fall due to lack of funding. The BSM is trying to get the ministry running again by working with the kids each Tuesday night before our BSM meetings.

Salisbury University junior Colleen Reeping said the “trip” was eye-opening. As she and others bagged lettuces at the food bank she was amazed at the amount of food the center gives away.

“I didn’t even know it existed,” Reeping said.

One of Reeping’s favorite ministries was cleaning and doing yard work for an elderly woman named Millie Hutton.

“She is so precious and really appreciative. While we were washing her windows she asked us what we did and what we like to do. She lives on the water and she invited us to come back and take out some kayaks.”

Reeping does plan to go back, not to kayak, but to visit Mrs. Hutton.

“K’Lynne wants us to establish contacts so we can go out on our own and do missions,” Reeping said.

“That was the purpose of a local trip to connect students to the community in a way that they can make a difference during their time in Salisbury,” McKinley explained.

Reeping said she likes missions for two reasons – the team building and the bonding.

“It’s nice to see brothers and sisters in Christ serving together,” she said.