Posted on : Tuesday August 5, 2014

ELLICOTT CITY, Md.—Metanoia Church will have a “Science and the Christian Faith” discussion from 7:30 to 9:30 pm on August 8 in the Oella Room at the Roger Carter Community Center.

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The event is part of the “Faith and Culture” series designed to equip believers, helping them become more confident in discussing topics where faith and culture intersect in society.

Facilitators are Brian Christy and Adam Feldman. Christy holds a Ph.D. in particle astrophysics from University of Maryland-College Park where he worked on the IceCube neutrino telescope at the South Pole.

Feldman holds a Doctor of Ministry in spiritual formation and spiritual theology from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. Feldman is also pastor of spiritual formation and preaching at Metanoia Church.

“The purpose of this event is to help believers in Christ become more conversant, convictional, and confident in their faith—specifically with regard to dialoguing with others about how the Christian faith and the study of science compliment one another. Therefore, we’re not approaching this event as a sort of ‘debate’ between a scientist and a pastor,” Feldman explained.

“Dr. Christy is a devout follower of Christ, an active member of our church, and he shares the same fundamental doctrinal convictions that I have.”

For more information about the event and speakers, and to register, visit the website.