Posted on : Monday May 3, 2010

By Sharon Mager, BCM/D Correspondent

MIDDLETOWN, Md.—Skycroft Conference Center is sponsoring its first summer camp this year called “reCHARGE.” Students in grades 6-12 will retreat to the mountain for worship, Bible studies, missions and overall life-changing fun.

Doug DuBois, Skycroft executive director, said reCHARGE is different from past camps held at Skycroft. It’s designed to be more personal, doubling the number of staff at previous camps sponsored by other groups to bring down the counselor/camper ratio to promote closer, stronger relationships.

Many students come to camp in the summer, get beat down when they go back to school and normal life, then return to camp and get refreshed, DuBois explained. So he and his staff decided to use the “reCHARGE” theme and focus on truly helping provide that time of re-energizing.

“We want to help them recharge their faith,” DuBois said.

Special guests include: Pat Kelly, for the first week, James Jackson for the second and Allen Jackson for the third week. The Jason Lovins Band will lead worship throughout the three weeks.

The other focus of the camp is missions. About 50 students will leave Skycroft every morning after the early wake-up “Amped” and go to Skycroft’s new outreach center in Frederick. The center is a house that the Frederick Rescue Center is letting Skycroft use as a missions command center. Students working in Frederick will tutor young children in summer school and do light construction projects in a low-income community.

DuBois is especially excited about the mission center. He’s hoping that after camp, other youth leaders, churches, men’s and women’s groups will bring volunteers to do missions. The groups can’t spend the night in the center, DuBois said, but those who use the center will get reduced rates at Skycroft.

The Skycroft staff is working with The Frederick Rescue Mission representatives to provide lunches for the teens doing missions.

Back at reCHARGE, those who stay will continue through their daily “Circuits” after the morning “Amped.” Some of those “Circuits” include art classes, ceramics, audio/visual classes, recreation, Bible study, worship and free time.

Camps are the weeks of June 20, 27 and July 4. The cost is $245.00 per person.  For more information see