Posted on : Monday November 14, 2011

Letter from the BCM/D Christian Life & Public Affairs Committee

I recall being at the retirement ceremony for a Colonel in the United States Army. He took me into a room and showed me the location of a bugle. He told me, “when the bugle sounds, my men and I stand ready for our next mission.” As that scene played out in my mind, I was reminded of visiting the land survey company where one of my current deacons works. He came out and showed me an article in the editorial section of the local newspaper which read “God does change with the times.” In the heart of the article, a local minister shared that God had changed with the times and accepts the practice of homosexuality and same sex marriages. For me that was the bugle sounding and I knew something had to be done.

The issue of same sex marriage, abortion, human trafficking and health care are just a few of the many issues that face our Maryland Delaware Baptist churches today. As God’s people we must hear the sound of the bugle and stand ready to deal with these issues.

I am proud to say that the Christian Life & Public Affairs (CLPA) committee stands ready with our churches of the BCM/D. The CLPA is ready to assist our BCM/D churches as they face these challenging issues.

At the state annual meeting, on November 13-15, there will be a CLPA booth with information and personnel ready to assist. There will also be a report from the CLPA on Tuesday, November 15 at 10:40 a.m.  The members of the CLPA committee look forward to meeting our brothers and sisters in Christ at the BCM/D annual meeting on November 13-15 in Ocean City, Maryland.

P.S. If you would like more information about the work of the CLPA committee you can find current updates at