Dunkin’ Donuts, coffee, Bibles, and the Gospel: A day in church planting

Charlie Brown

August 23, 2017

Ever wondered what a day in church planting looks like? For Charlie and Diane Brown, who lead East Baltimore Graffiti Church, every day is different. Check out their first-hand account.

You can smell coffee brewing at 5:30 am on Greenmount Avenue in Baltimore. There is a lone light on at 2440 as Graffiti Baltimore team members prepare to load the truck and head four blocks south to the corner of Greenmount Avenue and North Avenue.

This is one of the busiest bus routes in Baltimore City as children ride city buses to school, thousands head to work, and others begin their day in the bustling city of Baltimore.

On the hill across the street is the cemetery where Annie Armstrong is buried. The matron of Southern Baptist missions was born and raised nearby in the city of Baltimore. She and her family were members of Seventh Baptist Church, which at the time met at Paca and Saratoga Streets. In these neighborhoods, especially at the end of the month, hungry people seek their next meal. Some have lost hope. Many are seeking help.

Steven told me he was a believer but had backslidden, become addicted to drugs and ended up homeless. He was attempting to hold his emotions in check. He stated that he was ashamed.

I shared the Gospel with Steven, we prayed together, and then I asked one of our team members to come over and assist Steven with addresses to several in-patient recovery programs that could provide him with housing, hope, and recovery opportunities.

Divinity, who had once been homeless, assisted Steven with the addresses and phone numbers. He left with some hope—hope for the day, hope for tomorrow, and the hope that only Jesus Christ can provide. Divinity now serves the Lord in our bus stop Outreach Ministry.

This was one life that was touched yesterday. We prayed with others. Twenty-four copies of the Word of God, Bible Study books, and a case of Daily Bread devotionals were handed out. We served 120 cups of coffee, 12 dozen donuts, 80 lbs. of fresh fruit, cold water, and a lot of love.

This is ONE ministry of hope that God has called us to provide in our City. Our food pantry is providing fresh fruit, vegetables, and meals to hundreds of people in East Baltimore. Each meal or bag of groceries is accompanied with the love of Jesus Christ as we share the Gospel in our community.

Photo (l to r): Greg Grosso, Dunkirk Baptist Church volunteer; Shane Reynolds, Graffiti member; Charlie Brown, Graffiti pastor; Eric Randall, Graffiti’s food pantry ministry leader; Bernard Gibson, Dunkirk Baptist Church volunteer, Carlos Melendez, Graffiti worship leader and recent Towson University graduate; and Divinity Warrington, Graffiti member, who is writing down prayer requests.