First Steps in Beginning a Church-School Partnership

Ellen Udovich

August 14, 2017

  1. Pray! Ask for God’s guidance as you take this step of faith.
  2. Identify a school in your area.
  3. Check the school’s website regarding volunteer policies.
  4. Schedule an appointment with the principal or designated school representative.
  5. Show up for the appointment and ask “How can we help you in the important work you’re doing here?”
  6. Listen and take notes.
  7. Let the school representative(s) know that you’ll get back with them soon with a response about which of their identified needs your church is equipped to tackle.
  8. Talk with your church about what you learned during your school visit. Which one or two of the school’s identified needs could the church most successfully meet? Under-promise and over-deliver!
  9. Contact the school representative to let them know how your church would like to serve in their school.
  10. Identify who in your church will serve as the ministry coordinator leading your service with the school.

Congratulations! You’ve begun a church/school partnership! Now it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work.