SERVE Tour Baltimore Invigorates Churches

Hey, Baltimore got served! In a good way. Last weekend, April 29-30, the SEND Relief SERVE Tour came to Baltimore.

25-Year-Old Terminally Ill Planter Perseveres

Since Easter 2021, Canvas Church has witnessed 115 people come to faith. The church is expecting over 100 in attendance this Easter Sunday.

Q&A With Keith Myer

This month, we’ll share stories by and about believers and churches in the Eastern Baptist Association (EBA). Our first is a Q&A with EBA Director

Preach Expositionally While Addressing Cultural Needs

The incarnation is the model for highly effective preaching. We bring forth the Word revealed in Scripture and meet men “halfway” to show that whi

Challenges, Blessings, & Unity in Hispanic Churches

According to the best historians, the church in Latin America got the gospel late in the 19th century. The first

Leadership Development 

#40: Reaching Puerto Rico with the Gospel

“What if Gen Z's greatest rebellion is believing that Jesus is the only Way and believing the Bible is literally true! There's nothing more counter-

“For Such a Time as This”

Late last summer, LifeHouse Church members entered their new 40,000 square foot modern building, with a sanctuary seating 645, on 20 acres of ground i

The State of the Convention: Moving Forward

by Tom Stolle In March 2020, our world changed. The impact of COVID-19 and associated regulations wreaked havoc on businesses

Church Planting in a Pandemic

In this season of uncertainties, what is the one thing of which Christians can be certain?

#8: Church Multiplication

Listen to Michael Crawford and Pastor Jeremy Dickson of Freedom Church Baltimore discuss church multiplication from the planting church's perspective.