SBC President Addresses Maryland/Delaware Pastors

MIDDLETOWN, Md. — Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) President Dr. Ed Litton and his wife, Kathy, enjoyed breakfast at Skycroft Conference

Breakfast With Ed and Kathy Litton

MIDDLETOWN, Md. — Ed Litton, the 46th president of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), and his wife, Kathy, will visit

Litton elected SBC president in runoff

NASHVILLE (BP) – In the press conference following his election as the 46th president of the Southern Baptist Convention, Ed

Send Conference Emphasizes Unity, Mission, Gospel Focus

Send Conference Emphasizes Unity, Mission and Gospel Focus NASHVILLE (BP) – After featuring several prominent pastors and speakers from across

#27: What They Don’t Teach Pastors in Seminary

Listen in as Dr. Kevin Smith discusses the complexities of project management and strategic planning with Pastor Frank Duncan of Paramount Baptist Chu

#26: Man Up! | Dr. Anthony Bradley

Men and boys are often neglected in our conversations about demographic ministry. They shouldn't be. Listen in as Dr. Anthony Bradley discusses the im

#25: Revitalization with Larry Davis and Dan Wilson

Many churches are in need of revitalization. But, what does that look like? Listen in as Pastor Larry Davis and Pastor Dan Wilson talk about their chu

#24: Multi-Racial Christian Marriage

Listen in as Dr. Smith speaks with Francisco and Nicole Rivera. Francisco and Nicole and members at the Village Church in Baltimore and are a mixed-ra

#23: Pastoring Unity in Churches

Recently, Dr. Smith interviewed Pastor Larry Lin of the Village Church in Hampden. Pastor Lin discussed cultivating unity, diversity, inclusion, and h

#22: Pastoring and COVID-19 Restrictions

Several months ago, we spoke with two Anne Arundel County pastors, Jon Brewer of Lake Shore Baptist Church and Dennis Gray of Riva Trace Baptist Churc

#21: Why Am I Southern Baptist?

We are often asked, "Why should I want to affiliate with the SBC?" While there are countless advantages and disadvantages of affiliating with a denomi

Leaders Call for a United SBC

by Tess Schoonhoven NASHVILLE (BP) — Calling the racial unrest roiling the nation “spiritual warfare,” and saying “unless hear