Pastoral Family Grapples With Trauma After Sexual Abuse

Journey Through the Darkness — the Aftermath of Sexual Abuse Hughesville Baptist Church Pastor Derek Yelton and his wife, Joy,

Justice For All

Justice For All: Where the Pledge Fails, the Promise Stands Firm I had the recent privilege to sit in on

Tom Stolle: ”We Wouldn’t Trade Who We Are”

BCM/D CFO Helps Train Churches Reach, Protect Those With Disabilities DAGSBORO, Delaware (BP) – For Tom Stolle, associate executive director

Restorative Justice

While self-disclosure is often frowned upon in the fields of psychology and psychiatry, I do it when I think it

Child Abuse Prevention & Sexual Abuse Awareness Month

We urge all churches to join in this national effort by dedicating yourselves to the task of creating and improving prevention systems within our chur

Pathways Conference Addresses Safety, Caring, and Trauma

“It’s not that big of a problem.” 66% of sexual abuse victims don’t talk about the abuse until they’re adults. Do we really know how safe ou

Introducing Pathways: Prevention and Protection

Our goal is that 100% of BCM/D affiliated churches be on a clear pathway to protection and prevention.

New Resolution Introduced for Annual Meeting

The following resolution will be presented at the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware’s Annual Meeting on Nov. 15, 2021, at First Baptist

Demonstrate Your Church’s Safe Kids’ Ministry

5 Visible Ways to Show Your Church is Working to Keep Kids Safe By Joy Allmond Your church has trained

Background Checks Aren’t Enough

What are you doing to protect children in your ministry from sexual abuse?