Posted on : Tuesday October 7, 2008

Tom Rodgerson to stay on as congregation and clergy care coordinator

ODENTON, Md.—Tasha Levert, Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist (LCMFT) for CentrePointe Counseling Services in Odenton, Md., has been named interim director of the agency.

She replaces Tom Rodgerson, who will continue on as clergy and congregational care coordinator with CentrePointe, working as a resource, counselor, and mediator for pastors and churches. In addition, he will continue to be contracted with the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware for these responsibilities and will expand his teaching role in the Department of Pastoral Counseling at Loyola College, becoming director of the master of arts program in spiritual and pastoral care.

Levert, 37, received a master of arts degree in marriage and family counseling in 1999 and completed her Ph.D. at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in May 2005. She is trained for Christian service in the area of counseling by emphasizing the integration of Christian theology and applied psychology to family life.

Serving individuals, couples, families, and groups, Levert’s experience with therapeutic issues include: abuse victims, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety and panic disorders, marital or family problems, parenting skills, grief, troubled teenagers, stress, and various forms of addictive behaviors.

“With the change of leadership comes other changes, but our vision will be preserved,” explained Levert, pointing out that CentrePointe is a unique agency. “Because of the vision we have, it makes it convenient for people to get competent Christian counseling.”

She noted that CentrePointe currently has 23 locations with 15 counselors. The goal is to have a location within 45 minutes of everyone in Maryland, she said.

“We want to add more locations and counselors, and we want to treat more people who have low incomes,” she explained, adding that the agency doesn’t want money to become the reason why people don’t come for help.

“Our fees are already well below market value,” she added. “So to go to the next level, we want to focus more on fund-raising, which hasn’t been done before.”

Levert’s husband, Tim, is pastor of Crossroads Church in Odenton. They have three children, Elle, 8, Zoe, 6, and Ashton, 4.

Previously, Levert served as minister of music and youth at Bethel Church in Liberty, Miss., and minister of music at First Church in Greensburg, La.

She believes her experiences on church staff and as a pastor’s wife adds value to her current position.
“CentrePointe is closely connected to congregations and clergy, and I understand church polity from a staff perspective and not just from a pastor’s wife’s perspective,” she said.

In addition to serving with her husband at Crossroads, Levert has a growing speaking ministry and writing ministry. She has been the keynote speaker at BCM/D ministers’ wives events and has written for LifeWay Christian Resources, The Youth Ministry Update, and the online edition of Radiant Magazine, a new publication for Christian women. She was a regular contributor to HelpMeet, a BaptistLIFE feature that targeted ministers’ wives.

“My passion is to tell whoever will listen that God loves them. I know it sounds trite and marginally overstated, but if humanity could grasp the magnitude of God’s love, our culture would change,” she said.
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