Posted on : Monday June 25, 2012

“This is the first semester since I’ve been at Bowie State that I haven’t had to drop a class,”  Joe [name changed] said with pride on a car ride home one evening. One year ago, Joe, a junior international student, struggled with his grades and self-esteem and was planning to drop out of college, the only thing that was keeping him in the United States. He struggled with depression, pornography addiction and poor sleeping habits. He would stay up all night on the computer, browsing the internet and sleep during the day, missing his classes. It seemed he had little motivation to do anything with his life.

On the brink of giving up, another student and I challenged Joe to do something different in order to see something different in his life: Be faithful in pursuing Jesus. We met regularly to check in with him and pray. We encouraged Joe with scripture around God’s love and good plans for him. He began to regularly attend the ministry’s Bible study, worship service, and a local church. He gave himself to relationships of accountability within the community and has finally started to experience the light of Jesus in his life. “This is the first time that I have had hope during mid-terms. I’m even striving for a 4.0 this semester.” Joe is being transformed by the love of Jesus and finally starting to believe that God has good plans for him. – The Lighthouse Campus Ministry and NaKhia Grays

A wonderful change is coming over me day by day, step by step. The process of change can be quite painful, but the joy of God making me whole is surpassing. With God’s joy as my strength, I carry this testimony to the ears of my friends and families, and I share Jesus by mouth and action. My friends and family have so much respect for me, and it is because they see something in me they have not seen before. Sometimes a friend will disclose to me personal struggles, and I would share with them my testimony. God is truly good. Every time I think about how I am a living sacrifice and testimony I cannot help but desire to share Jesus with someone in any way I can.  – Charlene Thomas, Morgan State, Sophomore

Adam Muhtaseb is a semester missionary working at Salisbury State under the leadership of Allen Memorial Baptist Church. Already, approx. 40 students attend a worship service and small group discipleship programs. God is changing lives through the witness of Adam.

A student named Blaine, who had initially come to Christ about a year ago, after a couple months reverted back to cocaine and his ex-girlfriend. He started dealing drugs again, and his girlfriend moved in. I met with him about two months ago and was loving, but really tough with him. He felt convicted and the Holy Spirit really worked on his heart, and he ended up breaking up with his girlfriend, quitting drugs, repenting of his sins and turning back to Christ. We are now meeting every week together reading the Bible and praying. I’m discipling him and the Lord is doing a mighty work in his life. He wants to start an orphanage for kids in Africa, and he’s starting a hardcore Christian band with some friends.

A student named Mark [name changed], who came into college a Muslim, was a guy I really started hanging out with, and he eventually came to Christ. He has faced constant persecution from his family who keeps threatening to disown him and force him to come back home and drop out of college. He has boldly shared his faith with his family and is feeling called to go on a missions trip. He approached me last week and asked me if I could baptize him, and we are planning to do that ASAP.  – Adam Muhtaseb, Salisbury State