Posted on : Wednesday September 24, 2014

bringurbrick_header1Your Mid-Atlantic Baptist Network/BCMD is going forward with several new initiatives to better partner with and assist you as you build the Kingdom of God in your respective neighborhoods and around the world.

We can’t wait to tell you all about these initiatives at our upcoming Annual Celebration on November 9-11 at The Church at Severn Run, 8187 Telegraph Rd, Severn, MD 21144.

About the Annual Celebration:

This year’s gathering will be a major celebration, and one you will not want to miss. We will, with a variety of experiences, honor our historic past, lay out several major new initiatives that will strengthen our network of local churches, and commit to GoFwd together for multiplied Kingdom impact.

You’ll hear about local initiatives that will help ensure no pastor serves alone. You’ll learn about new ways to partner in cooperative ministries so that local ministries like yours have better resources and opportunities than ever before. You’ll experience the celebrations of leaders like you who are leaving a legacy of faith all around this great Mid-Atlantic region. Every experience points to the amazing fact that what you do truly makes a difference. Together, we will do even greater things!

About the “brick”:

To help visualize all these realities, we are giving each of our churches a brick engraved with the church’s name on it. We ask you to bring this brick to the Annual Celebration to be placed on display as a reminder of how God works through all of us to advance Christ’s mission in the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond.

In the coming weeks, Mid-Atlantic Baptist Network staff will attempt to deliver these bricks in person to each of our 561 churches. In addition, the Network urges pastors to challenge other pastors via video, if possible, to bring their bricks to the Annual Celebration. Use the hashtag, #bringurbrick, alongside these videos when posting on various social media to help build the momentum.

After our amazing experience together, your brick will be displayed on a path at our Skycroft Conference Center, symbolizing our joint commitment to “Gofwd” in all that God has in store as we stand on the threshold of future history.

Register today at! Then, urge another pastor to register right away!