Posted on : Tuesday February 25, 2014

By Shannon Baker, BCM/D National Correspondent

HYATTSVILLE, Md.—The Body Building Conference, to be held at Trinity Baptist Church, 1900 Beechwood Road, Hyattsville, Md., is designed to equip and motivate your church for the ministry and mission that Jesus intended. Leading God’s people is a burden too heavy to carry alone. On May 18, 2014, the Montgomery Baptist Association, in partnership with the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware, has committed their resources to aid leaders in equipping the Church to join together in ministering and witnessing the way Christ commanded His people to do.Bodybuilding-72

After dinner, participants will attend two seminars of their choice:

“Love Your Neighbor” Evangelism Strategy

Description: Six expressions of love and evangelism that can apply to any church to love and value people to lead them to Christ. (Also evangelistic resources from BCM/D will be suggested).

Leaders: Dr. Will McRaney, Executive Missional Strategist, BCM/D (with Ellen Udovich, Team Strategist for Disaster Relief, Lay Mobilization, and Senior Adults, BCM/D, and Wendy Mindte, Missionary for Ministry Evangelism, BCM/D sharing how they can assist churches in evangelistic outreach)

Four Relational Principles for a Healthy and Missional Church

Description: A healthy and missional church is the result of developing relationships with God, internal church members, and external lost and unchurched people as the church develops a relational organization of structure and stewardship. Together these four areas (with 12 principles under each) of relationships working together grow the church that Jesus intended.

Leader: Dr. Ron Blankenship, Director of Missions/Church Planting Catalyst for Montgomery Baptist Association

Turning Around Journey to Church Wellness

Description: For churches that are on a protracted plateau or are showing early signs of decline and want to go on a transformational journey to church health and wellness over a one year guided study in your own church setting.

Leader: Dr. David Jackson, Team Strategist/Missionary for Church Multiplication, BCM/D

Send Cities DC and Embrace Silver Spring

Description: Directors of Send Cities DC and Embrace Silver Spring will provide an update on how your church can be strengthened and participate in starting new churches in the Montgomery County/Metro DC area/Northern Virginia region in partnership with NAMB, BCM/D, and Montgomery Baptist Assoc.

Leaders: Rev. Clint Clifton, Director of Send Cities DC and Pastor Pillar Church, and Rev. Michael Mattar, Director of Embrace Silver Spring, Montgomery Baptist Assoc. and BCM/D Language Church Missionary, and Pastor Hope Fellowship Church

Understanding, Reaching, and Ministering to Millennials

Description: Millennials are not only the future of the church, but are invaluable now for their leadership and participation in the church. But how can we reach this generation, which is becoming increasingly distrustful and apathetic toward the church?

Leader: Rev. Doug DuBois, Missionary for Student Evangelism, BCM/D

The Church and Immigration Law

Description: How can churches minister to the increasing immigrant population and make them aware of legal resources to assist in the complicated process of immigration law?

Leader: Gina Takemori, Immigration Lawyer with her firm, Takemori Law Firm, LLC

Hiring an English Ministry Pastor & Beyond: In an Asian American Church Context

Description: Out of his personal ministry experience, this leader gives advice for understanding and reaching second and third generation language groups. With the birth and growth of the new English speaking groups in America who generally will not attend their parents’ language churches, comes a growing need to start new churches to meet their needs and reach them for Christ.

Leader: Rev. Joseph Choi, Founding Pastor, New Beginning Community Church

Church Multiplication and Ministry Among Asian People Groups

Description: Principles are offered to start a church planting and multiplication movement among Asian people groups and ministering to their specific ministry needs.

Leader: Dr. Robert Kim, Missionary Asian Church Planting/Evangelism and Church Development, and Language Churches, BCM/D

Church Multiplication and Ministry Among Hispanic People Groups

Description: Principles are offered to start a church planting and multiplication movement among Hispanic people groups and ministering to their specific needs.

Leader: Rev. Rolando Castro, Missionary for Hispanic Church Planting/Evangelism, Hispanic Church Development, and Language Churches, BCM/D

The cost is free. Every pastor or staff member who brings 10 or more people, including self, will receive a $100 gift check, to be used only for purchase of books/tapes for ministry.  Deadline for giving receipts to Montgomery Association is the end of 2014.

Child Care is provided up to age 3. Register online at Deadline to register is May 12, 2014, by 5:00 p.m.