Posted on : Wednesday May 4, 2016

Tom Stolle, Mid-Atlantic Baptist Network Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer

COLUMBIA, Md.–The Administrative Committee of the Mid-Atlantic Baptist Network General Mission Board has added the title “Chief Operating Officer” to Tom Stolle, shared Michael Trammell, president of the Network’s General Mission Board, noting Stolle will now serve as the Network’s CFO/COO.

“Tom has served our Network for more than 11 years with distinction. He handles much more than financial operations for our Network,” Trammel said. Stolle’s many responsibilities, in addition to his financial role, include but are not limited to: providing oversight and working alongside Iris White in the area of Network technology, working with the Network’s attorney on legal issues, assisting the executive office on constitution and bylaws issues/other issues, working with leadership regarding the strategic direction of our Network, managing insurance, and human resource responsibilities.

Most recently, Stolle has become the primary contact for the Network’s effort in the area of sharing Christ with individuals and families affected by disabilities, building a partnership with Joni and Friends.

“Both financially and operationally, Tom has been a source of strength for our Network. He is widely respected by our Network pastors, DOMs, and staff.  We are pleased to recognize him with this title change,” Trammell said.