Virtual Town Hall

Join us on Thursday, May 14, at 2 pm for our second BCM/D Virtual Town Hall. This event will build off our previous Virtual Town Hall as we seek to help our churches minister effectively during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

For many of our churches, this pandemic has brought about the largest gap in physical gathering that they have experienced. As a result, there will be a variety of new ministry challenges that churches will face. Our discussion will be centered around anticipating and addressing these challenges as we reopen and re-engage our congregations as the restrictions on gathering are lifted.

Guidelines for Restarting On-Campus Ministry After COVID-19


May 14th Town Hall

Helpful Links from BCM/D Staff and Guest Speakers

Information shared by Tom Stolle:

Link for most recent interpretive guidance from the state of Maryland as of 5/14/20:

Link for video from Joel Rainey, pastor of Covenant Baptist in Shepherdstown, WV, detailing their regathering plan:

Links for information shared by Emily Reedy, Skycroft Director: EPA List N: Disinfectants for use against CoV-2:

Cleaning and disinfecting – the Basics:

Making your plan to clean and disinfect (both porous/fabric and nonporous surfaces):

Bulk-ordering face masks and hand sanitizer:

Link to article written by Eliza Huie in Outreach magazine, “On the other side of Isolation”:

Link to article Eliza Huie mentioned:

An additional resource Eliza Huie recommended:

Reopening children’s ministry:

April 2nd Town Hall Meeting

The BCM/D hosted a Virtual Town Hall, with churches across Maryland and Delaware, to discuss how we can help and serve one another during the COVID-19 pandemic.
We were joined by a host of BCM/D staff and other experts from around our convention to discuss mental health, digital strategy, pastoring remotely, community ministry, and managing finances. We hope the video below is helpful in leading our ministries and families during this global pandemic. Read more→

April 2, Presenter Contact Info

Alex Bouffard • Email • 443-878-2050
Michael Crawford • Email • 443-742-7571
Reginald Davis • Email • 443-896-4568
Mark Dooley • Email • 240-577-1601
C.J. Matthews • Email
Chris McCombs • Email • 330-671-0505
Kevin Smith • Email • 443-890-4160
Tom Stolle • Email • 443-250-2554
Ellen Udovich • Email • 443-250-2555