Posted on : Wednesday April 20, 2016

By Sharon Mager

WALDORF, Md—Trinity Baptist Church will host a Women at Risk International “WAR Chest” party from 1 to 4 pm on April 30 at the church.

In addition to the opportunity to purchase unique international gifts including hand crafted jewelry, scarves, purses, evening wraps, apparel, children’s toys, books, bookmarks and greeting cards, buyers will be supporting women in safe houses who have been rescued from slavery and sex trafficking. The rescued women make the items.

“One-hundred percent of the money goes to support safe houses,” said Charlotte Vass, a member of First Baptist Church, Waldorf, who will share the WAR presentation at the party. Vass volunteers her time as a WAR representative. It’s her ministry and she’s thrilled to be able to have helped 35 women stay in safe houses last year.

Taressa Fisher is coordinating the WAR party for Trinity Baptist. Taressa has taught internationally and has seen first hand the indignity women suffer throughout he world.

Fisher said that while in Kuwait, she saw runaway maids seeking refuge at the Indonesia embassy. She saw big photos of beautiful prostitutes in hotels. She saw families with their maids at dinner. The family would eat while the maid turned her chair away from them, restricted from eating. She heard stories of maids being locked in closets and other atrocities.

“Many women think they’re going to another country so they can help their families and they find themselves enslaved,” Fisher said sadly.

Women at Risk International is based in Grand Rapids, MI. It’s a non-profit organization to provide safe places for women to heal from abuse, trafficking, exploitation and other indignities. The women empowered to eventually become self-sufficient. Christians staff the organization.

Vass said in addition to sharing safety, and a place of refuge, women are introduced to the God of eternal security and refuge.

All are invited to the party. The cost of items ranges from .99 to $150 and cash, check and credit cards are welcome. Snacks will be provided.