Posted on : Thursday August 2, 2018

Hello MD/DE Baptists! Thank you for your support of our united missions efforts!

We support missions through the Southern Baptist Convention’s Cooperative Program, the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American Missions and through the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions. And through our Maryland/Delaware State Missions Offering.

Every year in September, churches in the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware unite together to pray and financially support ministries that reach people in unique ways.

Did you know 100% of all funds supports local evangelism projects?

Projects like camp evangelism at Skycroft Conference Center’s beautiful 300-acre campus. Here, thousands of campers meet Christ, mature in their faith, and develop into Kingdom leaders. It’s also where churches and other groups retreat and learn year-round.

Did you know that church planting has been a commitment of Baptists in our area since 1836? The State Missions Offering helps church planters and replanters in ways not provided for through our national partners.

There are over 400,000 college students in our area. Collegiate outreach is a ministry we value! Since this ministry is no longer financially supported by our national partners, funds from the State Missions Offering go to equipping our churches to reach this huge mission field.

One of our greatest “love your neighbor” ministries is disaster relief. When we serve those affected by natural disasters we demonstrate the love of Jesus. This offering provides much needed resources for volunteer training and equipment upkeep.

The State Missions Offering also helps churches serve today’s largest unreached people group: families affected by special needs. An estimated 62 million Americans have a disabling condition, yet less than 2% of American churches have any kind of disability outreach.

We invite you to support your state mission efforts through prayer, using a forthcoming Maryland/Delaware State Missions Offering prayer guide, and through your united giving. Visit online at to order or download materials for your church. Thank you.

Dr. Kevin Smith, Executive Director,
Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware

Check your mailbox for an order form to receive Week of Prayer and State Missions Offering promotional materials for your church. Or visit online at for downloadable materials.