Posted on : Tuesday August 27, 2013

By Sharon Mager, BCM/D Correspondent

ANNAPOLIS, Md.—Weems Creek Baptist Church is sponsoring a 5K fun run/walk on Sept. 21. The event is open to folks of all ages and fitness levels. It starts and ends at the West Annapolis Elementary School in Annapolis. Runners will receive t-shirts and “goodie bags” with gift certificates from local stores and restaurants and they’ll also get literature about the church.WeemsCreek5K 178

Associate Pastor of Worship Christian Nuckels said this is a first for the church and they’re excited about the possibilities. The run will raise funds to help local elementary schools provide school supplies and food for needy children, but it will also be a huge outreach opportunity for the church as members get to know the runners and share with them about church ministries, and if the opportunity arises, share the Gospel.

“We want to break down barriers and meet and interact with our community,” Nuckels explained.

Nuckels said the church is also using the race to teach about the importance of fitness both physically and spiritually.

“Our body is a temple and we honor God in the way we live, not just our behavior but taking care of ourselves,” he said.

Logistically, the race has been a challenge. Church member Meredith Grigg is coordinating the event and has been working with county and city officials, putting in many hours of research and paperwork to “clear the hurdles” necessary to obtain the necessary permits. Nuckels thanks God for opening the doors.

The run is the third of several large church outreaches this year. In the spring, “Celebrate Hope” was a ministry at a housing project in Annapolis, giving away food, playing games with children and holding an on site worship service.

“Mission Annapolis” was a three-day ministry blitz throughout the city. Nuckels said Weems Creek Church usually does overseas mission trips, but this year decided to focus on local missions. Church members ministered to the homeless, did prison ministry and hosted six block parties with food, games and live music.

The church will have a fall festival later in the year on October 26th.

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