Posted on : Thursday January 4, 2018

ANNAPOLIS, Md.—Weems Creek Baptist Church will have a “Visionary Marriage Conference” for married and engaged couples  Jan. 20-21,  at the church, 600 North Westgate Road in Annapolis.

The guest speaker will be Dr. Rob Rienow, pastor and church planter at Gospel Fellowship Church and founder of Visionary Family Ministries.

Rienow, author of “Visionary Parenting,” and “Visionary Marriage,” regularly shares the biblical message of family discipleship at national and international conferences for parents, couples, and church leaders.

He emphasizes that people have visions for finances, jobs, retirement, golf games or simply Saturday nights, but what about a plan for marriage? What is God’s plan for marriage?

After years of counseling engaged and married couples, and struggling through issues in their own marriage, Rob, and his wife, Amy, realized that most Christian couples did not have a biblical vision and purpose for their family. These couples had learned some things about communication, sexuality, and conflict resolution, but they didn’t know why God had brought them together.

The Visionary Marriage Conference will equip and inspire married and engaged couples with a compelling Christian vision for their life together.

Register online. The cost is $20 per couple and includes dinner and childcare for the evening session (childcare space is limited).