Posted on : Tuesday January 7, 2014

By Sharon Mager, BCM/D Correspondent

COLUMBIA, Md.—David Jackson, reporting for the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware Church Multiplication, quoted Missiologist Alan Hirsch during his presentation to the General Mission Board on Dec. 3, ”Your system is perfectly designed for the results you are getting.” David Jackson

“If I’m not getting the results I desire, maybe I want to look at my system,” Jackson said.

Jackson said the team is striving to build systems in alignment with the BCM/D’s priorities, focusing primarily on four elements: The Holy Spirit; the planter, the new church plant and the sending church.

Jackson said for years, the church planter has been made to be the “hero,” but now, the team wants to turn the attention to the sending churches.

Jackson also discussed “legacy.” “What are we going to leave behind?”

Churches have life cycles. “When a church gets to a place where it’s declining, almost dying, how can you extend that legacy beyond your own years? Legacy churches are those who step up and are willing to be replanted, reborn, re-energized in a new church plant setting.

“That takes courageous leadership willing to look beyond themselves to see what God wants to happen long after they’re gone from the planet,” Jackson said, pointing to Second & Fourth Baptist Church passing its legacy to Captivate Church, as well as Colgate Baptist, Patterson Park Church and others passing on to other churches.

“I ask today, what will outlive us in our ministry and lives? What will our contributions be? How will history remember us?

“What a great day to be part of the BCM/D,” Jackson concluded.