Church Services: Evangelism

Expressed simply, evangelism is sharing the good news of the gospel with those who have not yet trusted Jesus.  Evangelism encompasses Jesus’ Great Commandment (love God, love your neighbor) and Great Commission (go and make disciples). The most loving thing a person can do toward another person is to share Christ.

The BCM/D seeks to enable its member churches to be more effective in its evangelistic endeavors.  We do that through a strategy that is “church-centric” rather than “convention-centric.”  In other words, we want to support what churches are already doing and enable them to expand their efforts even more so as to make what is effective even better.  Three words summarize our collective evangelism strategy: Equip, Resource, Mobile.


Consultants are available to lead training for churches.  We will work with member churches to structure the type of training desired, whether that be prayer / prayer walking events, servant evangelism training, personal sharing of the gospel, welcoming and connecting with new church guests, celebrating baptisms, understanding, and engaging culture, or any other type of desired training.


The BCM/D desires to resource the evangelism events / efforts of its member church to become reality.  We are thankful to partner with our North American Mission Board in this effort to make financial resources available for churches to do what they might not otherwise be able to do.  Churches should contact Mark Dooley, our State Director of Evangelism, at to determine what resources might be available, if any.


The BCM/D is constantly looking for opportunities to mobilize people to engage the harvest.  We are happy to work with churches in a variety of ways to accomplish this, whether it is to provide assistance for individuals going on mission trips, networking them with more regional opportunities to share the gospel or helping to organize an evangelistic outreach in a church’s local area.