Did you know that exactly ‘zero’ of the seven churches of Revelation 2 and 3 continue to exist today?

THE Church is eternal… but a particular Church? Not so much. Natural disasters, persecution, migration, political upheaval…and those seven churches in that form are no more. Which begs the question: What is the life expectancy of your Church? If nothing were to change within you or around you, just how long can you continue in your present form?

The question, of course, is one only God can and should answer. But, the conversation around the question can be a very powerful resource for church members and leaders to wrestle through.

We’re excited to provide the following Church Life Expectancy Calculator – to get the conversation started!

Our partner, Dr. Kenneth Priest, Director of the Center for Church Revitalization at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, developed and has shared the tool with our BCM/D churches. It’s designed to provide immediate results for ongoing ministry impact in the life of a church. You simply input church data requested and follow through the steps to get your results.

Once completed, if you’d like to talk about the results and steps you can take toward AWAKENing the congregation to God’s next steps, contact Randy at rmillwood@bcmd.org.

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