Posted on : Thursday September 28, 2017

By Sharon Mager

PERRY HALL, Md.—White Marsh Baptist Church (WMBC) Pastor David Tierney used a concert of love songs through the decades to share the love of Jesus with members and others from the community who attended the church’s annual “Fall Back in Love” concert on Sept. 23.

Folks that remembered the old tunes, as well as young families with children who related to the newer songs, brought chairs and blankets and sat on the hill outside the church to enjoy the concert in the warm early evening.

The band, led by Jon Owen, who plays keyboard in the WMBC praise band, included at least 10 musicians. They sang a variety of songs that included The Archies, “Sugar Sugar;” The Carpenter’s “Top of the World,” sung by Music and Worship Minister Lisa Tierney; The Turtle’s “Happy Together,” and Mark Farner’s revised version of “Some Kind of Wonderful.”  There were also some newer songs including Ben Rector’s “I Like You,” and, “Just the Way You Are,” by Bruno Mars.

David Tierney and his son, Ian, also, did a short Smothers Brothers routine to add a little comedy to the mix.

Following the love songs, David told the crowd about listening to sad love songs after he’d have a breakup with his teenage girlfriends—listening to the “45’s” (records) spinning round and round. He laughed and told younger listeners that if they didn’t know what a “45” was he’d explain later. He said he liked happy endings and he shared the Gospel of Jesus.

He shared too, how some people fall immediately in love, while for others, it takes a longer time of courtship and sometimes, that’s how it is with following Jesus.

Following the mini sermon, the band played a contemporary worship music set. David Tierney told the audience that Sunday mornings were a great time to learn more about the love of Jesus.

“What was most encouraging was that our people really invited more guests this time. While not everyone came, they’re already talking about inviting people to other events.”

David said that he was pleased that he left a flyer in a gym locker room that a man picked up and attended the concert with his family. Afterwards, he told David that his family was seeking a church home and that it was, “…timely that they saw it.”

“Events like this help demonstrate that as Christians we can have fun, and that we have the same interests that others have. Everyone wants to experience love, to have a happy love story,” David Tierney said, adding, that the church wants people have happy love stories in their marriage, but also in their relationships with Jesus.

Members served free sno-cones, popcorn and water and handed out cards inviting visitors to attend an upcoming Family Fall Festival on Oct. 25.