Posted on : Sunday March 1, 2009

According to their website, the Woman’s Missionary Union of the Southern Baptist Convention believes that ongoing missions education and involvement through Girls in Action or Children in Action can accomplish the following:

  • Instills godly characteristics in children as leaders mentor and minister to them each week.
  • Demonstrates to children how God is at work in the world through stories from the missions field.
  • Encourages children to learn and apply the Bible to their lives.
  • Exposes children to the power of prayer as they are taught how to pray for needs around them, missionaries, people groups, and missions in general.
  • Cultivates a healthy curiosity as children learn about different cultures and religions and realize that all people need to know Jesus.
  • Develops a biblical worldview with a global perspective-children learn how they should treat and respond to others locally and globally.
  • Provides opportunities for children to be personally involved in missions-their lives are changed as they see the impact of ministering to others through missions.
  • Helps children realize the importance of giving financially to support missions as they learn about the impact that giving makes through the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering®, Annie Armstrong Easter Offering®, and the Cooperative Program.
  • Provides a place where children learn about missionaries who give up their way of life to move to different, often times difficult, places to tell others about Jesus.
  • Encourages spiritual growth as children learn and do missions through a comprehensive missions education program.