Posted on : Wednesday July 24, 2013

JARRETTSVILLE, Md.—Wo Me To campers are safe and sound after being taken to the hospital Tuesday night after exposure to deer and rabbit repellent, which was employed as a prank by teens staying in the camp.

Harford County Fire and EMS officials responded to a call involving four children and one adult at a summer youth camp in Jarrettsville for non-life threatening injuries after they were exposed to the repellant in two cabins on the Camp Wo Me To grounds.

The participants were from the Chesapeake Youth Council (CYC), said Melody Knox, interim WMU director for Maryland/Delaware. WMU owns Camp Wo Me To.

This was the 30th annual CYC Summer Camp for Orthodox Christian children in the Baltimore metro area.

CYC reported the incident on their Facebook page: “As you may have heard in the local news, there was a hazmat situation at camp around 10pm on Tuesday. Everyone is fine, the campers are all safe in their cabins. The affected area has been cleaned and sterilized.”

Both cabins were later deemed safe after being ventilated, Knox said.

“The campers involved in the incident have slept in and will soon resume their normal schedule,” she added.

CYC Camp is scheduled from Monday, July 22 through Friday, July 26.